Expression of requirements

To start the work process, we'll need some technical information about your project, like dimensions,example of project design materials(any graphic format image), designer scetches etc.
All correspondense via E-mail, or Skype connection.

We are accept:

- Site plans
- Drawnings
- 3D models
- Scetches
- Scanes of the design materials using in current project
- Any other information that helps us to start a project
- Required final image resolution and period of execution of works

For convenience of both sides we have several stages of the work process:

1. Receiving primary information of the project

2. Cost estimating

3. Primary low-res grayscaled render 800600px

4. Pimary Correction of the issues

5. Secondary low-res colorful render 800600px

6. Secondary correction of the issues

7. Final hi-res colorful render

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